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1 g = 0.004226752838 c

Introducing a convenient Gram to Cup Converter, your go-to tool for seamless kitchen measurements. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, this user-friendly converter ensures precision in your recipes. Easily switch between grams and cups with accuracy, making cooking and baking a breeze. Upgrade your culinary experience today!

How to Convert Grams to Cups:

Converting grams to cups is essential for precise cooking and baking. To effortlessly navigate this conversion, consider the ingredient's density and the type of substance you're measuring. Start by referring to a reliable conversion chart specific to the ingredient in question. For dry ingredients like flour or sugar, the conversion may differ from that of liquids like milk. Understand the standard conversion factor for the substance and utilize measuring cups designed for accurate volume. Keep in mind that some ingredients may compress or fluff, affecting measurements. Experimenting and noting results can refine your understanding, ensuring your culinary creations consistently achieve perfection.


The grams to cups conversion depends on the density of the ingredient being measured, as different substances have varying densities. However, a general formula can be applied for dry ingredients:

  • Cups = Gram / Density

In this formula, the density is a constant that represents how much substance is in one unit of volume. It's essential to consult a reliable conversion chart or reference to obtain the correct density value for the specific ingredient you are working with. Keep in mind that this formula is a basic guideline, and for accuracy, referring to ingredient-specific conversion tables is recommended for precise culinary measurements.

50 grams to cups:



Grams (50g)

Cups (US)

Cups (approx fraction)

50g all purpose flour

0.4 cups

2/5 cup

50g bread flour

0.38 cups

4/10 cup

50g cake flour

0.44 cups

4/10 cup

50g granulated sugar

0.25 cups

1/4 cup

50g brown sugar

0.25 cups

1/4 cup

50g powdered sugar

0.41 cups

4/10 cup

50g butter

0.22 cups

1/5 cup

100 grams to cups:

Grams (100g)

Cups (US)

Cups (approx fraction)

100g all purpose flour

0.8 cups

4/5 cup

100g bread flour

0.77 cups

3/4 cup

100g cake flour

0.88 cups

9/10 cup

100g granulated sugar

0.5 cups

1/2 cup

100g brown sugar

0.51 cups

1/2 cup

100g powdered sugar

0.83 cups

4/5 cup

100g butter

0.44 cups

2/5 cup

500 grams to cups:


Grams (500g)

Cups (US)

Cups (fraction)

500g all purpose flour

4 cups

4 cups

500g bread flour

3.85 cups

3 and 4/5 cups

500g cake flour

4.4 cups

4 and 4/10 cups

500g granulated sugar

2.5 cups

2 and 1/2 cups

500g brown sugar

2.6 cups

2 and 6/10 cups

500g powdered sugar

4.15 cups

4 and 3/20 cups

500g butter

2.2 cups

2 and 1/5 cups