Cc to Grams Converter

1 cc = 1 grams

Calculating cubic centimeters (cc or cm³) to grams (g) depends on the substance you are working with and its density. Try this cc to grams converter that will help you to calculate the cubic centimeters in one click.

Step by Step Guide Using with Formula:

Measure the volume of the substance in cubic centimeters (cc).

Find the density of the substance. The density is the mass of the substance per unit volume and is usually expressed in grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³).

Multiply the volume in cc or cm³ by the density in g/cm³ using the formula.

Mass (g)=Volume (cc or cm³)×Density (g/cm³)

Does 1 cc equal 1 gram?

In some subject, yes 1 cc is equal to 1 gram.  This is all depend on substances that which you are using. 

Is 5 cc the same as 5 grams?

No its not possible because 5 grams of other thing to take up 5cc space but they are not related measurements.